I tried to email you but it wouldn't accept it.

I, too, love to cruise on the original classic liners. We were on the Norway on her second-to-last cruise before the accident. Was on her three times. I was also on the Queen Elizabeth, United States, Ile De France, and a few others in the 1950s/1960s. I love the old classic liners, but do take cruises on these new "hotels on a hull" (twelve cruises in the past four years).

Can you tell me a few things?

1. What classic liners have you been on?

2. My wife and I are planning to take the two-night trip on the Regal Empress in Florida this June. Can you explain a bit about the better cabins and what to look for? We don't mind an inside as we don't spend much time there anyway.

3. Did you book this online at their website or can you do it through a travel agent?

4. You state you are from coastal New England. Although I now live in TEXAS, I was born and raised in Connecticut. Are you near there?

I do appreciate any information you can provide. If you'd rather do it via email, please let me know.

Thanks. Bill G (BH2359)