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There were many Meal Plans but mine was offered for $349. The bus stopped for a free buffet lunch on the way from Seward to Denali. The breakfast buffet at the McKinley Lodge Karsten's House was $15.99 - 19.99. Box lunches available a few feet from the Lodge Main Lobby (ordered the night before needed) were $20 and were much less tasty than the free, provided box lunch (crackers, sausage sticks, cookies, nuts, and chips). Meals, including dessert, entree, and beverage at the Canyon Steak House ranged from $25 - 75. Although I tasted my dessert, I did not eat all of it and could have done without it. Meals at the Karsten House were cheaper. So three breakfasts, three dinners, and two lunches (one on the train) did not come close to $349. There is shuttle service, about every 10 minutes, up the steep hill from the chalets to the Main Lobby. More restaurants are just across the street from there.

I photographed the menus and will have to sort through several thousand images before I can post it/or prices on this thread.
Thanks for that info. I googled and found the menus for the two places you mentioned. Definitely sounds as though pay-as-you-go would be a better deal. One more question: did the meal plan you purchased include gratuities? Or was there an expectation that you'd tip? If grats were included with your meal plan, that would make the meal plan more competitive.

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I must preface by saying that as a Four Star Mariner, I get unlimited free laundry. The laundry form used, includes prices, allows same day "Express Service" if turned in before 9:00 AM for an additional 50% surcharge. Since I am not charged, I assume that the laundry is not able to add the surcharge which means I am not eligible for Express Service.

It must be noted there were only six passengers, other than Neptune Suite passengers, and the impact on the ship's laundry would be minimal. My comment on my survey form MAY get a response but I am not holding my breath.
I guess it makes sense if you have free laundry that they can't provide Express service, since that comes with an extra charge. Thanks for clearing that up.

One more question: are you going to post a link to this thread on the Alaska forum? I think people on that forum would be interested.
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