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The general public has a difficult time understanding how the United States Public Health Service really works.
Indeed, and yet the general public is quick to criticize authorities when something happens that they feel the authorities should have guarded against. It's kind of like a corollary to someone wanting consumer protections to apply when that someone is purchasing products or services but wanting them to not apply when that someone is selling products or services to the public.

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Do you see a pattern forming here??
I see one person's perception. The problem is that I have seen people posting corresponding criticisms against every other mass market cruise line, with regard to what those cruise lines have done to contain costs. If you read everyone's perspectives, paying especial attention to those of people who have cruised a similar number of times on a number of cruise lines, you get the clear message that they're all basically the same (with some minor compromises vis a vis Carnival and some minor biases in favor of Celebrity).
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