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I'm a cruise addict, and also recently remarried. My new hubby doesn't have any interest in cruising. So I am going on my next one without him (which I booked before we were together.)

Just wondering how unusual, or not, this is?
Not at all unusual.
People may cruise without a spouse for numerous reasons.

One enjoys cruising and the other doesn't.
One has other plans or obligations scheduled when the opportunity for the cruise comes up, or just can't get away from work at that time.
Sometimes it is a group cruise with family, or friends, or a club or college reunion that appeals to one and not the other.
Sometimes it is a work related cruise, with seminars on board in which the spouse has no interest.
Girlfriends who are not football addicts will book cruises together during football season when their husbands can't tear themselves away from the games.
Some (of either gender) manage to find an excuse to avoid a cruise with the in-laws.
One spouse may stay home to care for a sick relative, or even a pet.
Sometimes one spouse may just want some quiet time alone, for whatever reason.