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The first thing to do when you board is to meet with the Cruise Director and ask to have Maj Jongg put on the daily activities for sea days.

On my last two Grand cruises, Maj Jongg was scheduled at 1 - 4 PM EVERY sea day. Those that showed up played..sometimes we only had 3 people sometimes 6 or 7 showed up. We didn't play for money.

The ship has many sets, so don't worry, but do bring your card. On our Grand Asia trip there were many Asians who played their version of Maj Jongg, so a word of advice is to make sure the jokers and flowers are in the set you get from the ship. The ship "stocks" both versions and sometimes the boxes are marked, but sometimes they get mixed up.
I've noticed a couple of people have mentioned bringing a "card". Just wondering what that is.
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