I will only post this thread on boards with large ships, CCL, Princess and RCI. Would you sail on the new Genesis Of the Seas? Lets looks at some Positive and Negative points of the new MEGA ship, and please do add if u think of some, and please, its only MY opinion, And everyone can express there opinion, I think
Positives: Alot of crap to do, If you like to be busy, This is your ship that is boarding.
- Getting to try alot of firsts, We know when RCI has a new Biggest ship,something new is bound to come along as features
- Good pricing, I think so, I mean, the more heads they can stuff onboard, the lower the prices would be, I am not sure if it is, Atleast the first voyages dont count as they are maiden.

I honestly think there are alot more Negative points to this ships size
- Long ass lines, I mean come on, 6400 passengers to feed for breakfeast, lunch and dinner, Holy crap, if people have complained of cold food coming to the table, get use to it
- Getting of and on the ship. 6400 people on a line? Enough said!!!
- Tendering, Should i even say more. Wait, Perhaps they found Celebrity's Zenith a new job.
- Service, Ok so a ship with like 2200 passengers has like 900 crew members, so GOS is almost 3 times that, and RCI is not putting 2400 crew members onboard. Or are they? I dont think so, Poor Service? Its a good question!
- Ports, What ports can handle her? Miami? Ya ok, thats a start, Sure Grand Cayman, but even Zenith cant help here. Do i see long lines. Costa Maya, ya maybe. St Thomas, well she would take the space of 2 ships, and could she even get in the harbor. Puerto Rico, Can she make those turns to get in, And what about NYC, sure Red Hook would do, But I dont think Carnival and NCL are willing to share. Would Bayonne do, I dont know?
- Now looking at her from the point of view of other ships arriving at a port where she is. I think the concept of no shore excursions would take place. She has 6400 passengers doing tours. WOW! I think i will stay onboard. Shopping, Hm, Doesnt this seem like Christmas eve all over again? And this line looks like The East Bound Belt Parkway. OMG, Shoot me NOW!!! Oh and i think Deck Chair Hogs would take new meaning? Whats this, RCI is taking reservations for Chairs?? Holy Cow
Ok, and here is a HOTT topic. KIDS. Ok, dont get me wrong, I love kids, But when packs form, LOOK OUT . 1000 kids onboard will probably be the average number. Is it just me or do i actually see people jumping off as soon as they see land...., Wait, thats just me jumping Cuba Hoo
And one note that isnt really funny. God forbid something happens onboard, Fire, Sinking, anything, Imagine 6400 pax trying to get of. Arent ships crew trained to get all of in 30 mins of less? I think thats what i have heard. Doesnt the number of passengers change the time in which everyone should be off a ship in an emergency? I think there is a Maritime Law for that.

Again, This is my opinion. And I just might probably here sssooo much about my comments, But, As i said, Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
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