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I agree with your thinking however it appears that P&O are actively going after a younger market. Consequently if they do inclusive AI as part of the cruise fare rather than an added extra and ďolder people would not be able to make use of itĒ then it might just suit them nicely thank you very much.

They donít actually want the ships filled with non drinking older folks who have typically done all the excursions before, donít use the spa and donít buy the rubbish on the tat tables. They want to make money at the bar either via the AI packages if the trial is successful or through non AI (probably increased in price) bar sales.

Older, (usually quite loyal to the brand) customers are not who or what the newer ships are designed for. As the older ships leave the fleet so will many of the more traditional cruisers.

I think you make some very valid points and sadly agree with your final paragraph. I think we may be amongst the exodus.