Hi Everyone, I've been looking for a support group to throw in with and yours looks good. I'll be taking a mid-March 4 day cruise out of Florida and have started my weight loss journey this week. Day 3 is going well, even didn't get side-tracked by the election last night, ie: stress eating, haha.

I'm about 4-5 months post total hip-replacement now so getting the exercise part of the weight loss package started has been interesting to say the least, there's still stuff I can't do yet, but I'm getting there. My therapist said that the Leslie Sansone walking-in-front-of-the TV tapes would be good to start with (eliminating the "grape-vine" steps).

I'm shooting for about 30 lbs and I think that's doable. (PS, I haven't read this whole thread yet, just printed it out so I know who's who!). I hope to get to know you as we go along, Cheers!