HAPPY FRIDAY, EVERYONE! How are all of you out there??? Well. today is my 1st weigh-day since recommitting to this (never ending) weight loss journey. I have dropped 5.4 lbs.! Now I know, stop jumping up and down and realize that the 1st week is always a good one, haha! But it is a good motivator not to go hog-wild today or over the weekend.

We will be going to the big Harvest Festival tomorrow and one of the food stands has the most delicious green tortilla wraps you could ever want to bite into. I always look forward to them and it keeps me away from all the fudge and carmel-corn vendors. I'm also trying to keep away from sugar cause it flares me up, I've been feeling pretty good the last few days.

I'm curious as a "Newbie". As I said the other day I'm about 12 "pages" into the entire thread but don't think I've seen anything about your cruises, as in, which cruise lines or where you have been to or am planning to go next. For myself, I've only been on one other cruise, our traveling buds turned us onto Princess Sapphire and the Mexican Riveira, stops at Cabo, Puerta Vallarta and Ensenada, (this last Port was a detour from Matzatlan at the time). We had a blast and wondered why we had not done "cruising" much, much sooner. We are big travelers but never thought about it as a destination I guess.

Earlier this year we were all ready for the Bahamas and I got very ill the night before we were planning to fly out. I could not get my head off the pillow in the morning and long story short, had to cancel the whole thing, was so sad as our friends already hit Ft. Lauderdale and were calling me from the beach already into their "fruity drinks with the unbrellas in them"! Thank God we had travel Insurance, got it all back.

So now we are going again in March of 2013 for a 4 dayer. I am so looking forward to Atlantis, any of you been there???

OK, I have a little time left for my lunch today, 1/2 pork chop, summer squash, 1/2 baked potato and a small tapioca pudding.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend, thanks for indulging me, I'm excited to be here and really want to hear about your cruising adventures, Cheers!