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thank you so much for the time you are taking on this post. so many of us are obviously enjoying it as posters or readers. you mentioned that some of the cr lunch main courses are available at la verandah . I know it is impossible to be in two places at once but can you please comment on the difference between the two main lunch venues are on any given day? look forward to your post in ths, Amanda
I'll give it a try tomorrow when we, once again, made the decision to stay on board to enjoy the ship. We receive "preview" menu's early in the morning for Compass Rose (lunch and dinner -- they never give me the dessert menu). I'll take the menu with us to La Veranda and note differences. It should be interesting.

Tonight (late) or early tomorrow morning I'll print the long awaited Bar menu which is both a drink menu and a menu of included alcohol and the cost for the few items that are not included.

This has been fun and easier than most of my "live" postings. We are now half way through our first cruise and beginning to think about the one that begins May 3rd. Right now we are visiting ports that will be repeated so it's easy to take "sea days" and stay on the ship.

One quick comment about Corfu. . . . . it's beautiful. The weather is close to 80F -- calm seas, blue skies. The Seabourn Pride is docked next to us. She really looks tiny next to the Voyager. A little too small for our tastes but I hear she is a lovely ship.

Tonight is the Seven Seas Society Event. After you complete your first cruise you become a member of the Seven Seas Society. Once per cruise they have an event with cocktails (like we really need more to drink:-) and caviar. The big draw for us is the caviar. It's something to look forward to on future Regent cruises.

Tomorrow, Sunday, caviar is served with breakfast in both La Veranda and Compass Rose. Champagne is also available (no charge, of course). It is possible that I'll just have some caviar, eggs and a couple of mimosas and go back to sleep. Definitely enjoying this cruise