Going to do a trip report later this weekend or Monday. Just wanted to say Trip started on a sad note ..But ended in another amazing Carnival trip.

Day 1 -We were 2 hrs. late leaving port as a crew member passed away. RIP them and keeping there family in our prayers.

Short story before I do a trip report. FTTF again was well worth every penny cabin was ready right away and luggage was at cabin before us. We got to port at 10:30 and was 3rd row of seats to be on board after Plats. Had lunch on a empty ship again. Tendering was excellent got to GS desk and was walked to tender fir tender out.

LSC, We think its equal to HMC even thou HMC is cleaned. LSC had a great Aqua area..LOTS of fish all over the beach swimming areas and saw many LARGE sting rays swimming about..Had 2 almost swim into me...CLOSE... So many Hammocks and near half were empty. Shade, Lots of shade near the Aqua side of island. Was great right side of Aqua park walking out and swimming way far out and water was only 4-5 foot deep and soo many neat fish.

Paul was our cruise director and did a amazing job. Dan on the ent staff and Hugo 2 thumbs up..Sad to see Dan has sailed his last Carnival ship and is moving on to another career ..Had Dan twice and was great.

We had ATD and again great, We had "Napa" she was awesome!!

Chair Hogs..No issues really shocked we always found chairs.. Only time we found chairs harder to find was short time first sea day.

We did self assist and off boat at 8am home by 1 pm.

2nd trip on Fascination and will be a 3rd!!
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