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Hi LoisR,

You sound like the right person to help me out. A friend of mine (recently divorced was talking about taking a cruise!) I immediately thought that it would be an excellant idea....and I really encouraged the Oasis because we really enjoyed ourselves this past NYE onboard this ship. (My friend loves shows and entertainment!),,SOOOOOO, questions.
Should she reserve with a singles cruise company....they are offering an over 40's cruise on the Oasis at the end of April or should she reserve on her own? She is very conscience of what everything will cost. She does not know if she should take an inside cabin on her own or be teamed up with another single. THoughts if what you have done in the past? Regarding airfare, she doesn't know it yet, but I plan on using my point to pay for her flights. The only problem being, that she has to fly into MIAMI late at night. What safe transportation would you recommend her to take to a hotel in FLL for one overnight stay?From the hotel (that I recommended she stay at in FLL), there is a free shuttle to the pier. On her return flight, I will recommend that she takes a cab to FLL as I know it is quick and inexpensive. Any insight or advice is very much appreciated. Thank you
Hi Pam
I can only tell you how I do things......First, I book on my own,
usually directly through the cruiseline. Many people use TA's
but I prefer having control over my own booking. A Single's
cruise company? Not for me either. I sail solo, but meeting
other singles in not "in my plan". ...I meet people quite easily.
I don't care if they are single, divorced, married, partners, etc.
I love cruising solo......it is the only way I cruise.

I will suggest she check the roll call forum.....it is a very nice way
to meet other people who are on the same cruise

Cabin catergories do vary in price. I have done insides, windows
and balconies. Usually insides are the most inexpensive but there
are times you can find good deals on other cabins.
I enjoy doing my own research (and this site is great as well).

Sharing a cabin? Nope, that is definitely not for me. I have lived
on my own for almost my entire adult life and I value my own space
too much to give it up. I don't share the clicker here at home so
sharing a cabin? Nope, no thank you.

Flying into Miami? And need transportation up to FLL?? It is about
a 40 minute ride.....she is arriving late? Personally? I would use
a car service....Try Quality Limo.

I never worry about shuttles to the ship, there are tons and tons
of hotels in FLL near the port....grab a cab.

We are all on budgets, to some extent or another.....just depends
on how much and what we choose to spend our money on.......
everyone has different priorities.

Hope this helps a bit