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Well, and the timing. My family has passport cards. We only got them because we were driving to Niagara Canada. When we plan a trip or vacation we usually have a budget. It's just not easy to put passports into the budget. At the time we got the cards the price of getting full passports was enough of an increase that we couldn't justify it. Looking back, yeah we probably should have gone full passport. But it's a big difference so we chose not to spend it.

When I book a cruise I don't want to spend another $480 so we can have passports when we don't need them. The reason I mention timing is simply this. If we are booking a cruise we don't really have an extra $480. If we aren't booking a cruise it doesn't seem to make sense to spend $480 for no reason.
It is a pain when you need them all at the same time, like replacing all the tyres (tires!) on your car all at once. The good thing about us getting them when the kids were little is that ours are staggered now, we just changed my daughter before we flew to Antigua at Easter, my son's is due in 2015, my wife in 2017 and then my daughter's will be due again in 2018 and then mine in 2020. So at least the cost is spread out.
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