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I can see why people hesitate to spend that kind of money for small children, but I can't see why you wouldn't just get a passport for yourself as an adult. It's good for 10 years so, although the initial outlay may seem a lot, it really isn't. And you never know when the chance to travel abroad may occur and then you've already got your passport. And heaven forbid you're injured in port or late back to the ship. To me, it's silly not to make sure you have proper identification when traveling outside the US. I'll bet many of those who balk at the cost think nothing of spending much more than that on drinking. It's like the folks who don't purchase insurance and then have an incident where they have to cancel and come here begging, "Is there anything I can do?" Yes, plan wisely when you travel and spend the money on a passport and trip insurance. Not purchasing these items is a gamble and you're gambling on your own safety and finances.
To take the bolded sentences in order: if I got a passport now but didn't use it for 5 years then 5 years have been wasted, but if I wait to get it until I need it then I will not have wasted it.

Yes, I do know when a chance to travel abroad may occur and for the forseeable future that chance is close to nil (but if the chance did occur there would be time to obtain a passport at that time). It's not like a fairy godmother is going to drop an international trip into my lap.

For me and mine that risk is very low and that's why we do have travel insurance in the event that it does happen.

I do have the proper identification for leaving the country.
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