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But now you have it, and the next time you have the opportunity to travel outside the country with your whole family, you're covered. You are absolutely right about it being better to have one and not need it rather than the other way around. We purchased a passport for our youngest son when he was still in his teens and the whole family cruised. He is trying to be a professional musician and doesn't make much money. This summer he has the possibility of traveling abroad with a band and he doesn't have to pay for a passport because mom and dad covered that for him when we cruised.
My children are both under 10 and they were so excited to get them. Not that I think they even understand. All they know is it coincides with their trip to Disney and the "big ship" they are getting on. lol. It was $480 so a hefty load. I can totally see why families can't afford them all at once. My advice is to foks is to plan ahead and get them one at a time.