Captain Rynd is currently doing his midday announcement. He's advised that the delay in leaving Sydney was due to issues with refuelling. So that's that mystery solved.

We are currently south-east of Port Macquarie with east to south-east winds of 15-20 kts. The ship is doing 17.1 kts, which doesn't feel very fast. There is still a bit of wind out on deck though.

Captain Rynd also reassured the passengers that even though one of the tenders was removed from the ship for repairs, there are still more than enough lifeboats for everyone onboard and all relevant authorities were notified and have given their approval. This is all fine with me, I didn't even realise one of them was gone.

I will try to post pictures but the upload time seems to be too long. I haven't been anywhere but Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane so this itinerary is wonderful.

Carol, there are heaps of Cunard bears in stock. The shops were packed just then, they are handing out free champagne over the Royal Jewellery store, and the new layout of the cosmetic & fragrance store is a big improvement.
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