Sorry to say, it's true. It's gone (or going) away fleet wide, at least for now. Supposed to be replaced with something else, but we'll see.
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Carnival Paradise 4/11 3day Ensenada
Sapphire Princess 9/11 1day Coastal
Carnival Sensation 3/12 4day Bahamas
Golden Princess 5/12 4day Alaska
Star Princess 9/12 1day Coastal
Sapphire Princess 11/12 7day Mexico
Golden Princess 5/13 1day Coastal
Sapphire Princess 11/13 7day Mexico
Carnival Breeze 12/13 6day Caribbean
Caribbean Princess 3/14 7day Caribbean Honeymoon!!!
Carnival Inspiration 4/14 4day Ensenada
Grand Princess 5/14 1day Coastal
Grand Princess 9/14 1day Coastal
Carnival Sunshine 10/14 7day Caribbean
Emerald Princess 4/15 7day Caribbean
Ruby Princess 9/15 1day Coastal
Crown Princess 9/15 1day Coastal
Caribbean Princess 11/15 7day Caribbean
Carnival Sunshine 4/16 8day Caribbean
Ruby Princess 5/16 1day Coastal
Ruby Princess 9/16 1day Coastal
Regal Princess 2/17 7day Caribbean
Ruby Princess 4/17 5day Mexico