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Hi everyone! I'm a first time cruiser and need some advice. I originally wanted to go back in October, but plans fell through so now I'm aiming for May 2014. I'm in my upper 20s and I just have a couple of questions:

  • I'll be porting from NYC and I'm torn between Norwegian Gem VS Carnival Splendor heading to East Caribbeans. Both are around the same in cost. How do the ship services compare? As in extra fees? 24/hr room service? Treatment of customers?
  • My girlfriend gets car sick easily, so I'll assume she'll get seasick as well. What room locations are best? Back, middle, front? We are definitely getting a balcony room in the upper levels.
  • Silly question, but I enjoy sleeping outdoors but hate being bitten by mosquitoes. I'm assuming there are none when we are out at sea, so is it safe for me to sleep on my balcony at night without encountering the blood suckers?
  • Is everything in my room's fridge free?
  • Is there internet in my room and is it included? I assume my phone will charge me a ton while at sea.
  • How much extra charges do you usually incur after a 7-8 day cruise? I'm budgeting for an additional $600 for 2 people. Is that reasonable?
Thank you everyone!
Welcome to Cruise Critic! Let's see if we can answer some of those questions. I would vote for NCL's Gem because it is a beautiful ship with lots of entertainment. There is even a bowling alley onboard. Think service is better on NCL than Carnival. Have nine cruises with NCL and Ccl, most recently on the Carnival Liberty and I cannot wait to get back to NCL. Room service is 24 hours a day on both lines. If ordering from midnight to 5 a.m., NCL charges a $3.95 service fee.

Nothing in the cabin's mini fridge is free. On NCL, you can bring unlimited bottles of water as well as soft drinks. On Carnival, you are limited to 12, 20-ounce bottles of water or soda.
If you sleep with your balcony open on CCL, the air conditioning automatically shuts off. By doing so, you are interrupting the efficiency to the other cabins sharing the same grid.

No internet is included. Yes, it will cost a bunch to use your phone at sea. Check with your provider for actual cost.