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Due to the fact I have taken this actual cruise, same itinerary, same ship, I am providing OctoberKat with my experience. Everyone is different.

We prefer the OS because we are not very social and enjoy the extra space, two bathrooms, reading, relaxing in our private space, and the views of Alaska all by ourselves in our lovely suite. Nothing like seeing Hubbard Glacier up close and personal while everyone else is fighting for a spot. We have our own balcony

We also only dine for two every evening and never share a table. OctoberKat may differ, but I am providing my experience. She will make the best choice for she and her hubby.
While I find your "take" on the situation unique, I understand and respect that there are "different strokes for different folks". Even when we have stayed in a 2 bedroom suite, we do not spend most of our time in our suite (unless we invite people in to share our wonderful views or to have a cocktail party).

The TS has sailed on Regent's smallest ship and likely knows how crowded it can get. Oceania's smaller ships are considerably larger but appear smaller. I do like Oceania's Riviera and Marina as they are spacious, light and airy while the smaller ships seem dark and cramped. It is just a matter of personal preference - one that I like to share with people that have yet to sail on Oceania.