You'll have to read more if you want to know why!

Carnival Triumph 04/09/12 5-day Galveston, Progresso, Cozumel
1st time cruiser review with Lots of PICTURES & Food Porn
Booked Guaranteed balcony
Room 8-380
Anytime Dining
Flamingo Sanctuary and Xcambo Ruins Tour via AutoProgresso.
Dolphin Swim Ride and Lunch through Carnival

I am 36,and he is 53,neither of us had cruised before.
His brother had taken a cruise and raved about it.
Since I am a smoker, it was recommended that we have a balcony.
I am so glad we did.
A majority of my favorite times were spent on that balcony.

We liked the "most" inclusive aspect of it, very easy to bugdet.
I was raised on the coast of TX so I LOVE being out on the water
and therefore wasn't worried about sea sickness.
You can barely feel the motion in cabin 8380.

One thing I like to do before a trip is to OVERPLAN!
I don't know how I found Cruise Critic but I'm sure it was from Googling something
cruise related, and it is the perfect site for someone like me! I had fun counting down
the days till the trip. Making plans to meet and greet the others from the site,
compiling a list of hints and tricks that would help me, planning excursions,
finding usefull items to take.
I did something cruise preparation related everyday for 60 days prior!

I must warn you, this review is going to be spotty at times and crammed with
(possibly useless) information at others.
This review is partly my own selfish way of trying to remember all the fun I had so sorry if it is too long.

Luckily my photos have timestamps and we got a copy of our charges so that helped me in retracing our steps.

(Gosh, that sounds like I was drunk alot......
I wasn't. But it did turn into a big blur of fun! )

Although I did get some good pictures, I wasn't faithfull about taking pics of everything I wished I had!
It may contain lots of pics that are not usefull to you.
Those are just for my own memories. If even one good thing is learned by another newbie by reading this I will feel fufilled in knowing that I helped.
After all the great tips I got and used................ Hopefully, I can pay it forward !!

We drove down to Galveston from Austin and stayed overnight at
the La Quinta on 14th and Seawall Boulevard.
We chose LQ because we have a rewards card with them.
We were earning points toward free nights and
FREE CRUISE PARKING (no 2 night minimum),
and make-your-own waffles on thier continental breakfast, and free wi-fi.
The price was reasonable ($79) booked online in advance since it was Easter Sunday.

I took alot of photos on the road trip there.

Houston Skyline

Looks like a Vegas sign.....

Saw some dolphins on the way there.....took that as a good omen!

In Galveston! Beautiful Cemetery.

Almost there!

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Day 2 Fun day at Sea
Day 3 Progreso, Mexico
Day 4 Cozumel, Mexico
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