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I'd rather fill out as much stuff ahead of time online and be done with it than have to deal with it when I'm on vacation. My brain tends to go into relaxation mode once I'm on the ship and I'd much rather just veg.

It should be an easy thing to add to the Personalizer. Just make one more tab. If you don't fill it out, do so onboard. If you have a change, fill out a new form onboard. Simple. Then those of us that prefer online forms don't have to deal with it when we're more interested in thinking about cruising, not leaving.

I'm not sure why this is a one-or-the-other proposition.

Doesn't matter anyway. OP's idea is a good one, but it may as well be a fart in the wind as far as Princess is concerned. Their technological advances have more to do with tracking your every movement on the ship. No IT budget for website and customer-facing process improvements.