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Unless I'm reading this as you moved out of NY, you can get on a cruise from Manhattan year-round, as NCL has ships departing from there year-round. I've done the Bermuda itinerary in July and the Bahamas in February, both solo and out of NYC.

As for the crowds of kids, it's not as bad during the summer, compared to February/April/Christmas vacations. Since it's a 3 month period, there are a lot of families, but also a lot of 20s/30s who have time off as well. And with the Breakaway/Epic Class ships, the studios help keep the price down for solo cruisers, with the added benefit of rooms that, while well appointed, encourage you to spend your time elsewhere on the ship.
I'm from the city and still live in the city! Thats one of the perks I liked about that ship leaving from NY since I don't have to buy a plane ticket and im literally 10 mins away from the port by taxi. Yea I've thought about maybe cruising during the school year with the school holidays but idk yet :P still pondering that idea.*highly unlikely* lol I feel like i'd rather cruise next time in mid August instead of July.