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TravelChick.... You would like the NCL ships with studio cabins, and the studio lounge. Lots of people to meet. I learned from another cruiser that you can book NCL cruises with Solo discounts, as these will have a lot of solo travelers onboard. She said there were 50 solos in her group. I am going to try this on the NCL Norwegian Gem from Manhattan to Canada ,New England, Sails Sept 30th. Hopefully a lot of Solos onboard. This ship has no studio cabins, but Solos flock to the Solo discounted tours from what I hear.
I've seen videos and pictures about the solo cabins. But perhaps I'm picky but i gotta have my balcony. When I first went cruising I opted for a balcony. Yes people will argue that your not gonna be in the room alot but I like to have natural day light lol. However I do need to save up $$$ every now and then. Who knows I may end up trying a inside/solo cabin one day. The solo cabins do look very nice on NLC. So far every cruise I've been on has been with a balcony. I'd be willing to pay extra for it. Thats one thing I'd wish cruising companies would do is give more bargains for solos who want to cruise, especially if you want a balcony or ocean view.

*And I know Anthem of the Seas has the virtual balcony in the solo cabins but I still like the real thing lol