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Are there any other items that can be rented? Bouncy seats maybe?
Not sure, our little one was 2 when we rented the stroller so we didn't need much beyond that. I think we found out about it when we called Carnival. I remember that the camp had items in there (e.g. pack-n-play's, bouncy seats) -- but I am not sure if you could rent/borrow those or if they stayed at the camp. I know that they had Family time at the camp for the little ones under 2 where you could come and play together and use anything in the room.

Having the ability to rent that stroller though sure did help with packing! I remember loading up the car for any vacation and felt like we were emptying the house!! lol!! Of course he is 6 now and it can be just as bad with packing toys. He is already planning of what goes in June!

I would call Carnival too and see if the program is still available if your interested (or if they have any other items to rent/borrow) as I utilized it in 2008. I think Carnival does a superb job with their family/kids services and are willing to help in any way they can.

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Thanks a Lot!!!
I had wondered if they were the umbrella type or ones that reclined, so your post was very helpful. And what a cute pic!! Looks like it worked out well.
We did go ahead and buy a Chicco Liteway... folds compact (like an umbrella) has a carry handle But, reclines fully so GingerBaby can sleep in it around the ship and in port as well... since he's still so young this will come in very handy (it was a little more then I wanted to spend, but since we travel quite a bit and it is very light, it will be worth it)
Thanks again!!
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Well that all sounds good! We were planning to bring a stroller with us (or two? our double or two singles? we haven't yet decided), but renting one just for when we need it would be AWESOME.
It did help! Our son actually got off the ship only one out of the three port days though....he loved the camp so much!! Those girls/counselors spoiled him, he never wanted to leave!! When he did get off the ship -- FINALLY -- he spent most of the day in the stroller and managed to squeeze in 2 short naps in it. I guess it was comfy! By that time our son had outgrown all of his strollers at home, but we were afraid that our tour might get overwhelming with the walking/standing. Getting ready for this cruise, I have a feeling he will be running circles around us!

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