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I am aware that Cunard (or a Port Authority) sometimes has a shuttle service from some ports , either free or paid -- but do not know which ports this happens at. This is aside from official Ships Shore tours. We will shortly be doing a Baltic Cruise on QE, Norwegian Fjords on QV and TransAtlanic on QM2. I have discovered mostly where these ships will berth and some of them are quite a distance from anywhere of note - eg there is a new berth in Copenhagen which is about 6 klms out of the town in an "industrial" area. Any advice about this matter please??
Both times we have cruised to Copenhagen one on Q.V. one on QE) we have been berthed pretty near to the little mermaid. Easily walkable into the centre. I don't remember there being a shuttle at all.

There was a shuttle in Tallin and in Stockholm. St Petersburg is tours only so no shuttles needed.

Not sure which other ports you will visit?

Hope this helps.

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