Hi. I was on St. Lucia last Wednesday, January 11. My party of 4 and 2 friends wanted to go to Vigie beach. I asked the cab dispatcher guy how much it would be and he said $5 each way per person, but was I SURE that was the beach I wanted to go to? That I could go to a much better beach for $7 per person each way. He assured me that it was a very nice beach, calm water, natural shade... and against my better judgement, we went. It was Reduit Beach on Rodney Bay... and I HATED IT! There was no natural shade... or very little... the vendors are relentless (and I have read this before, and now believe it) and the cost for 4 chairs and 2 umbrellas was $40 (though I was able to talk him down to $30). The sea was so rough there were red flags up and we were told not to go in the water. You have to buy your return taxi fare when at the cruise port and I told the driver we wanted to leave at 1:30 but by 11 we had had enough and ended up leaving about noon. We could not relax with people constantly trying to sell us stuff... they would interrupt conversations! I finally told the pot dealer to get the F away from me and my husband and 9 year old granddaughter... that if he came by me again I was calling the cops. It was hot and we couldn't go in the water. The facilities we were told were there are the bathrooms of the resort that's there, which I felt funny using, but you do what you have to. Also, there was no food there, except for the expensive restaurant attached to the resort but there were people selling sodas and beers.

So fair warning people that want to go to Vigie... don't let the dispatcher talk you into a different beach. And WHY do they do that???

Even my daughter said if we have a stop on this island again, we are STAYING ON THE SHIP!