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We will have a stop in St Lucia on our cruise in April and are having trouble finding the right excursion. I'm hoping people have some ideas.

Two adults, no kids. We've never been to St Lucia.

We definitely want to see the Pitons. That is a priority. But we want to see something else too.

Ideally, there'd be a beach that is good for both snorkeling and lounging with shade. I'm not so into Jalousie beach. It sounds very crowded, and I don't like that there's no guarantee for a beach chair.

We'd also consider hiking or kayaking instead of, or in addition to snorkel/beach time.

The volcano doesn't hold much interest. No to ziplining.

We want to minimize our time in vans or on the roads, or on crowded, larger boats. Short distances are ok.

A boat to Anse Chastanet sounds like it would meet our needs, but it doesn't seem like there are any excursion groups that provide such a service. And I'm not sure how long the boat ride there would be, or if it's even possible to do in the time slot (8-5:30).

Other ideas or suggestions on how to do Anse Chastanet? Thanks!
Perhaps, you can arrange for a water taxi to take you to Anse Chastanet when you get there. You can easily go to the information desk and have them arrange something for you. Otherwise you can always prearrange a speed boat to take you down there. Take a look at Mystic man, spencer ambrose, Serenitytvl etc. You can also look into Pigeon Island national Landmark. There is some snorkeling, snuba, hiking, beach chairs. no umbrellas but sufficient shade. There is a restaurant on site or there are a few local canteens on the outside. It is only 20-30 minutes drive from the cruise port which is a $25.00-$30.00 4 people sharing. Entrance to the park is $7-$8 with chairs. Serenitytvl offers a tour to Pigeon Island on their site for $40.00 per person.