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All of then require Jalousie to see the Pitons because you can't see the Pitons from Anse Chastenet beach! Anse Chastenet is behind a peninsula and you can't see the Pitons from that beach at all. You would be able to see them from the road out to AC or from the boat trip down and back....Water taxi would run about $250-300 r/t and land taxi would run about $200 r/t to AC. Consider that it's a 1.15-1.5 hour drive one way, or a 35-45 minute water taxi ride one way.
Mystic Man offers a snorkeling trip that includes two or three beach stops, usually including AC if the current are good..... Jalousie is hardly crowded or over busy, especially if you're on Spencer's Beach Break who gets there first. The beach itself is public, you can enjoy any portion of it you like along the entire length. If you want more comfortable chairs, you can rent them from the hotel. Great snorkeling at the base of Petit Piton. Worth considering..
If hiking and snorkeling and kayaking are priorities, consider Pigeon Island. No, there is no tour that covers both - the distances/time involved in travel are too much o do in a short cruise stop. Pigeon Island has two hikes, ruins and history, beach, snorkeling, restaurant, etc.. Serenity offers a good combo tour with transport, entrance fee, chairs and drinks cooler. Or you can do it on your own, $35 one way, $7 pp entrance fee, around $20 for two chairs, etc...
Great advice, thank you!