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To find the name of the hotel listed when the name is hidden use the below:


but change the "917" to the hotel ID number used by LMT.

917 is the IC downtown.
I'm a little confused on these instructions. Do I find the hotel ID of the "hidden" hotel on the LMT site, then insert that ID number into the link you provided? I found one, for example

lastminutetravel.com//PageHotelSearchResults.aspx?st=Hotels&cin=2/7/2013&cout=2/9/2013&mod=HotelSearchResults&dst=6634&Provider=18,2 ,6,24,21,23&hn=&str=0&brnd=&AvailableOnly=False&hp t=0&hptf=0&hpstf=0&rooms=1,2,0,&sbp=False&

(sorry for posting the entire link). Where is the hotel id? Is it 6634?