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That looks like the address with your search parameters.

Try this:
When you find a hotel you like from the results page, you'll see each hotel has three options: Description, Map & Directions, Photos.

Place your cursor over any of those three and don't click on it. On the bottom of your screen you'll see a line pop up that begins with "javascript" and in that line is a number like "917" and that is the hotel code. Plug that number into the link I provided and it will show you what hotel it is.

The Tourico companies all utilize the same hotel codes so really you're searching the main site for the hotel name that is provided on LMT.
It used to be easier when you could click on the undercover hotel and it open up in a new page and you could grab the number from the address bar. Now they open as a pop-up.

I hope I explained it clear enough. let us know how it works out.
Hi, I have used LMT before as well and I understand your explanation
but they are running a special and I can't figure out where to plug
"the number" into your link......the hotel is located in downtown,
next to the James L Knight Center.....4.5 stars......It is not the IC...
may be the Hyatt or Hilton........would you know?
Thanks......for Dec they have a room for $115.00......