It's really weird that I'm kind of afraid to meet people I talk to on CC boards but I've been married to a guy for 12 years that I met online through a college chatroom. I'm from North Carolina and he is from Minnesota. lol
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9-23-2012 Carnival Legend "Western Caribbean"
1-27-2013 Carnival Glory "Eastern Caribbean"
5-24-2013 Carnival Glory "Our 13th Anniversary"
9-28-2013 Carnival Dream "I'll be Dreamin'"
10-21-2013 Carnival Imagination "Family Cruise"
5-22-2014 Carnival Ecstasy "Suprise Cruise"
3-01-2015 Carnival Liberty "Katie's Graduation"
10-12-2015 Carnival Ecstasy "Short Getaway"
9-10-2016 Carnival Glory "Birthday Cruise"
3-06-2017 Carnival Victory "Cruise to KW & Cozumel"
5-25-2017 Carnival Sunshine "17th Anniversary Cruise"