cruiser dan,

Something very much like that happened to us for this year.

We booked the Constellation from Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale October 24th. Back in Oct/Nov, it got red flagged and we couldn't find out anything.

Then we started seeing posts that people on the 11/7 Eastern Caribbean were told their cruise had been cancelled but they were now on a transatlantic on Nov 7th.

All of that went on for about a month or so with no info from Celebrity and we were getting nervous. Finally, they admitted they added a two-week Mediterranean trip on 10/24 and cancelled 2 7-day Caribbean trips. We didn't know if we would be on the "new" 14-day roundtrip out of Barcelona on 10/24 or the "new" transatlantic 11/7 for a long time.

What we did was put a deposit down on a cruise that we wanted during the mess since neither of the options it looked like we had appealed to us. We did not cancel what we had and, finally, Celebrity offered us a $200 cabin credit for the inconvenience (would not have gotten that if we cancelled).

We had our TA move our previous Constellation booking to the new cruise (Galaxy t/a) so we kept the booking credit that one had plus got the credit for the inconvenience. Then we added $250 for the shareholder benefit. It worked out pretty well by not cancelling, yet booking something else we would like.

This is a long way to get to the point. I suggest you book something to replace your cruise. You will be out the deposit until you resolve the issue. At that point one of the deposits will be refunded. Don't cancel what you have or you lose any chance of compensation. If you can stay on Celebrity or RCL for the replacement, you will have an easier time using a credit because they will most likely limit it to about a year. Also, if you had booked this one on board, you should be able to transfer the credit.

It sure seems that a lot of itinerary changes have happened in the last year. Good luck.