Ok...more info...I had to speak to someone, so I called the Captain's Club. Again...she checked the computer and all she could say in the beginning that our sailing has been "red flagged", but not canceled. She put me on hold and called someone else, but she came back with no further info. She said that there could be a few reasons for this status. It's almost sold out...they're changing the pricing, or possibly one of the ports or the entire itinerary (let's hope it's not the itinerary). I also asked how long it could be in this status and she couldn't tell me. I told her that it was already on the "net", and it would behoove them to come up with some information as quickly as possible. I guess they're used to hearing that because she was totally unphased.

So...that's all the info I could get on my own. If you guys want to try...maybe the more calls they get, the quicker they'll have some info for us.

Sorry...I wish I could provide better news....

This is what I posted on our sailing thread on the Connections Board. Hancock...why don't you join us on our thread since you're booked along with us for that sailing?


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