We did 4 excursions through the ship and 4 things on our own, by just walking. Many people just got off the ship and wandered around the little towns, You could easily do this at every stop, but if you want to go beyond the town then obviously an excursion is needed. I think in Santorini we could have just taken a bus to Oui... What a beautiful village, but we took the ship's excursion which included Oui but we didn't have enough time there. I am not very adventurous when it comes to booking excursions with other companies.
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2001 - Voyager (Western Caribbean including Labadee)(March)
2003 - Explorer (Eastern Caribbean including Nassau)(July)
2005 - Adventure (Southern Caribbean including Aruba)(August)
2007 - Radiance (Western Caribbean including Key West)(March)
2009 - Explorer (9 days - Bermuda and Eastern Caribbean along with Hurricane)(Aug)
2013 - Explorer (5 days to Bermuda) (August)
2015 - Radiance (11 days - Cruise tour to Denali and then Seward to Vancouver)(July)
2002 - Grand (Eastern Caribbean)(July)
2004 - Caribbean Princess (Western Caribbean)(August)
2008 - Caribbean Princess (9 days - Bermuda and Eastern Caribbean)(August)
2015 - Regal Princess (7 days - Eastern Caribbean)(December-Xmas Cruise)
2016 - Regal Princess (11 days - Southern Caribbean)(December-Xmas Cruise)
2011 - Galapagos on Xpedition (August)
2013 - Summit (Southern Caribbean)(March)
2017 - Reflection (Southern Caribbean) (December - Xmas Cruise)
2016 - Avalon Impression - Danube (July)
2017 - Star Flyer (10 days - Venice to Athens) (July)