Good MOrning

Kare - I really don't hate it as long as I can open the door and get a breeze I am usually happy and it was 500 more pp to pick your balcony - I didn't want to do that - Charlie is really happy he is close to the pool and the buffet - not good for me because I can't eat at the buffet
I like Terry's diet - I have salad every day for lunch too but sometimes followed by potato chips and then a snack size butterfinger LOL that's why I don't lose weight but I am so addicted to choclate
Can I come to Shannans with you I want some cheesecake - I had a dream last night that I ate a regular cake and I got soooo sick - hope it does not mean I will get glutened on RCCL.

Iz - Thank you, thank you and thank you again I am so dumb about changing my date usually I can get rid of it but this time I could not even do that - oy getting old really sucks.
Hope your ankle is okay today

Udi - You should be home today - how was your trip

Anyway I will be around I was thinking of organizing a slot pull on ANthem but not sure I want all that work - hoping someone else will do it - .

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