I had done this poll on the old site, but it disappearred. Since I have a link on my 1st Time Cruisers page for the results, I thought I'd repost so I can continue to provide the information to new cruisers. For poll, you can use your average per day to determine what the cost would be for a 7-days cruise. Example: $893 for a 12 days = $75 per day, or $521 for 7-days.
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Vicki (and Tony)

Next up Liberty of the Seas 4/30/2017 - Poker Cruise again!

Allure 9/25/2011 - Poker Cruise!
Radiance 6/2002
Radiance 10/2002
Brilliance 11/2003
Legend 9/2004
Brilliance 6/2005
Vision 9/2006