My husband, who is VERY generous (I do however keep his house clean, raise our children and cook our food so he better be : ) would have a heart attack if I spent 1500 on cosmetics... He would not say boo about it, just quietly fall to the ground clutching his chest.. I'm afraid to have him open the hospital bills (long explanaition available in other threads, let's just say I am pregnant and this child wants out too early)..

We usually spend about a grand on purchases on board and excursions. I drink, but I am a cheap date to three drinks a day on vacation is a lot for me. He does not drink at all but can ring up the bills on the diet pop.

We always get T-shirts and stuff for the boys from the ship. Matching if possible cause they all grump about it and we use the complaining for entertainment.. till we bring out the toys.. You would think they would be onto us by now.

Get a passport.. You never know when you may want it and I was once able to take advantage of a CHEAP last minute trip to London with a girlfriend because I had one.. My husband got a long weekend off and suggested that I take a break with a friend who was leaving on a trip to Europe. I thought he was joking but the tickets were in winter and very cheap. If I had not had a passport I could not have gone.. (when I say cheap I think the whole trip, food, hotel and meals, was under $500.00)
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