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One other tip is that I take a photo of each slip so I can remember exactly what and how many went out when.
Aren't digital cameras great? Everyone has loads of new uses. Thank God we don't have to pay for developing any more.

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Apr-76 Carib. 7d Fairwind *** Mar-78 Carib.10d Fairwind *** Feb-80 Carib. 14d Vistafjord *** Jan-85 Mex.7d Fairsky *** Mar-87 Carib. 11d Atlantic *** Jan-89 S.Pac. 14d Fair Princess *** Oct-90 Carib. 7d Song of America *** Jan-92 Trans-Pac. 6d Pacific Princess *** Jan-92 Hawaii-Tahiti 11d Pacific Princess *** Aug-93 Alaska 14d Star Princess *** Mar-94 Carib. 7d Horizon *** Apr-95 Trans-Atl. 19d Pacific Princess *** Apr-96 Orient 14d Golden Princess *** Dec-96 Carib. 7d Star Princess *** Jun-97 Bermuda 7d Zenith *** Jan-98 NZ- Aus. 14d Sky Princess *** Sep-98 Trans-Atl.13d Grand Princess *** Dec-99 Carib.7d Grand Princess ***Aug-01 Trans-Atl.16d Crown Princess *** Dec-01 Carib.7d Millenium *** Apr-02 Pan.Canal 14d Summit *** Nov-02 Carib. 7d Grand Princess *** Apr-03 Trans-Atl.14d Constellation *** Jul-03 Russia 11d Viking Kirov *** Feb-04 Aus.-Asia 18d Star Princess *** Jul-04 Yangtze 12d Viking Century Star *** Apr-05 Mexico 7d Diamond Princess *** Sep-06 Trans.-Atl. 15d Constellation *** Apr-07 Carib. 7d Caribbean Princess *** Jul-08 Baltic 10d Crown Princess *** Apr-09 Mexico 7d Sapphire Princess *** Nov-09 Trans-Atl. 14d Equinox *** Oct-10 Trans-Atl 16d Ruby Princess *** Oct-11 Trans-Atl. 14d Liberty of the Seas***Apr-12 Panama Canal 10d Island Princess***Nov-12 Trans-Atl. 16d Mariner of the Seas***Oct-13 Trans-Atl. 18d Royal Princess***Mar-14 Carib. 7d Celebrity Silhouette***Sep-14 CA Coastal 7d Crown Princess***Feb-15 Hawaii 15d Grand Princess***Jun-15 Grand European 15d Viking Bragi***Nov-15 Trans-Atl. 15d Celebrity Eclipse***Apr-16 Trans-Atl. 15d Royal Princess