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Just stuff the bag and fill out the form. I never bother putting the $$ amount in, just the number of each type of item. They will catch that you're Elite but I put a bit squiggle down each side where the charges should be and write in big letters at the bottom, "Elite." I usually leave my bag on the bed before heading to dinner, mostly because I'm never sure what time I'll be up in the morning. The bag has to be out by 9am for the next day service. If I don't leave it out the night before, I stick it outside my door when I get up so it makes the 9am cut-off.

You do not get same day service with Elite to make sure you check the "Next day." Otherwise, you'll be charged the full amount for the rush service.
As usual, excellent suggestions from Pam.

We also write "ELITE" in big block letters on the bag as well as on the tag. We also leave the bag on the bed when we go to dinner and our room steward usually takes it when the bed is turned down. You will find laundry charges on your shipboard account, but they will be followed by equivalent credits categorized as type "LL-WASH RFD".