My day was fine for a Monday. Lovely day in the Southwest, and slow traffic at the office.

I'm another who once lost a lot of weight, although nobody asked me if I was sick, lol. Athough, a few months after my dd was born someone asked me when I was due. Eventually I lost 70 pounds and got down to 25 pounds less than I am now, but that didn't last once I met Chef Jeff!

I just started leaving out weights and amping up the cardio. I haven't changed up my workout routine in a long time, think I have a pretty good amount of muscle built up, and want to try a 3-6 week stint of super fat-burning. I've been running treadmill for an hour as part of it...hope my knees hold up for 3-6 weeks, lol. I keep toying with the idea of getting my hacker to DL "Insanity" or "P90X", but don't know if I could handle six days a week working out. Especially considering how our weekend nights sometimes go, lol!

I hear ya about the household money spending, C. Our last casualty was also the pool may recall we tried to use it late last fall for one last weekend float and it was "poof". So Jeff decided we needed a gas one instead, and between the price of the heater, the cost of the gas line and permits, paying a plumber, etc., we could've taken a freakin' cruise! And we've turned on that heater once for 2 hours. *sigh* Before that it was the water heater, the AC, etc. The rest of the biggies were all replaced when we bought the house, so I guess that means they'll all go bad at the same time! Darth should be good for a while, esp. with only 5000 miles, lol.

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