Good morning -

Man - you guys are making me hurt with all these excersise programs - -

Yup - there is no better feeling than looking good and being in shape!!!

Back in our day, when Angie and I were in uniform, we HAD to be in shape - we got paid to be in shape. It was great!!!!

Now - "No excuse Sir!"..............I am just lazy and poor Angie just hurts all over all the time - remnants of our active duty days.

A YMCA is about to open close to the house, I have signed up both Angie and myself. I am looking forward to the opening for the pools and the excersise equipment. I have no plans of big muscles, big weight loss, but I know I need to excersise at my stage of life and watch what I eat. And a great by-product of excersise is you can generally eat what you want!

Time will tell..............LOL

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean, Tides of Change, (I think that's the name). good movie if you like the series- I enjoy watching Johnny Depp in these movies. This is the forth in the series and the way it was left, I felt it could "Be Continued"!!!!

If you go see this movie, forget everything you ever thought you knew about mermaids! Hahahahahaha

Bad storms last night, thank goodness we were spared the brunt of the storm. Altho we had 60mph winds, the heavy winds and hail went south of us.

Not much planned for today, finish my presentation for tomorrow, Angie has her volunteer time at the hospital, we do have a ribbon cutting at the zoo this evening at the new tiger exhibit - but there are suppose to be more storms heading' this way.

Hope your day is great!

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