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Hey all!

I am on December 1st sailing on Crown Princess to South Caribbean. I have a small drone that I would like to take with me. Aruba and Curacao allow it, Bonaire does not. Drone is small enough, when folded, to fit in a jacket pocket.

I know that drones are prohibited to be flown on a ship and I am not going to fly it there. Idea is to fly it at port of call, around some landmarks.

Was anyone successful bringing one without getting hassled by security? I'd rather not lose it.
Ha - I swear, when people hear the word "drone," their mind hears "gun" or "hand grenade." But of course in the early 1900s there was a lot of resistance for those evil horseless carriages too...

In any event, should you get past all the negativity and red tape with your evil drone, please remember to provide us a link to the videos you take so we might enjoy too!
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