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Going on our first P&O cruise to the Baltic in May 2017.
The P&O port shuttle bus list is not something I shall be relying on.

Example: we call at Copenhagen - but not at the quay that P&O shows in its list*.
I'm wondering if the list is not kept too current.

My first impressions of P&O are that they are not very communicative about what's going to happen on our cruise and when.

Example: we now have a glossy "Holiday Handbook" from them, which is mainly about booking shore excursions while on this cruise. But we have yet to be formally told of each port's arrival and departure times; fairly essential, basic material when visiting a port, I'd say.

Does anyone have views on P&O's ability to share information with its passengers, either before or during the cruise?

* We found this out from Copenhagen's own port website, P&O have been silent so far about this.
There are many sites where you may find this information. It just takes a little Googling. However, I don't rely entirely on Google and visit the individual port arrival and departure schedule information for each port of call, far more accurate, in my experience. Takes a little more effort with inputting ship, date of arrival etc.

Too late for you and your cruise but maybe of help to others.