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Derik Lewis on Voyager during her spring to fall Galveston stay.
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Tony in the pub on Navigator in Sept. 2004. And the male ice skater from Ukraine who completed 3 triple jumps on Liberty, Sept. 2009.
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Comic Hank McGauley... so funny I had a stomach ache from laughing.
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I still remember ABBACADABRA from a few years back. I think that same cruise had a guy who sang for Foreigner for a while. In fact all of the entertainment on that Legend of the Seas cruise, out of Tampa, three years ago, was fantastic.
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I wish I could remember the comedian on the Majesty in Feb. His adult show was HYSTERICAL.

Kory Simon is currently seen nightly in the Schooner bar on the Liberty. He's a wonderful pianist and singer and ridiculously funny and really gets the crowd involved. He's done with the Liberty in Jan and may move onto a European itinerary, and is hoping to be on the Oasis next summer. So he pretty much stays with RCCL and does multi-monthlong contracts.
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Originally posted by SamFritz
I still remember ABBACADABRA from a few years back. I think that same cruise had a guy who sang for Foreigner for a while. In fact all of the entertainment on that Legend of the Seas cruise, out of Tampa, three years ago, was fantastic.
If you mean Domenick Allen, he has toured with a LOT of singers. Not an original Foreigner member.
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Originally posted by TEXASMUNK
Derik Lewis on Voyager during her spring to fall Galveston stay.

I saw Charo on the Indy and she was amazing. I know what your thinking...." Thats the Coochie Coochie lady right." Yes that her and can she sing and play acoustic guitar. She was very funny too. She is up in age but she still looks great and can shake her ____ !!! She was much more than the ditzy lady she portraid on TV. Very talente lady and I woul dlove to see her again !!
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the BeatleManiacs were awesome on the navigator this past june. It was a completely packed house in the theatre and they had EVERYBODY singing along. The place was rocking.
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Best show I've ever seen on a cruise?

This guy:

Kevin Jordan...

He's done cruises on different lines, including Royal Caribbean, but, unfortunately for us, he's mostly doing Princess of late...We actually saw him on a Princess cruise...

The guy was hysterical...the act had a lot of "audience participation"...IOW, he picked on a lot of members of the audience...One guy left for the mens' room and he ragged on him the whole way back...then got everyone in his row to move down a seat so that his seat wasn't there when he returned...He ragged on kids: "Why aren't you in school?"...then went on with hysterical stuff...mostly ad lib...We were in stitches...most of the audience was in stitches...

After the show, we're heading back up to our cabin on the elevator with these four older folks and one guy says to the other "Worst show I've ever seen" and the other guy says "He should find himself a different profession"...I am not sure what these guys were looking for...but, that's the thing with entertainment, especially comedy...Some people just don't get it...What is outstanding to one person is disappointing to the next...
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Without a doubt it was the two funny guys ( Mario & Daniel) they were brilliant on the Mariner
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El Gaucho on Jewel of the Seas. Very entertaining. The best singer we have ever seen was on Holland America(suprisingly) named Alfreda Gerald. She was a featured vocalist with Yanni for many years and her shows are incredible. I would love to see both of these two again on any ship.
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Beatlemania on Rhapsody July 2005.
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Originally posted by Illmaxict
the BeatleManiacs were awesome on the navigator this past june. It was a completely packed house in the theatre and they had EVERYBODY singing along. The place was rocking.

Another vote for the Beatlemaniacs. We saw them two back to back years on the Serenade. We didn't know they were going to be there again and we were happily surprised!!

Great Show
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Many times, it's the other passengers .
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Originally posted by TEXASMUNK
Derik Lewis on Voyager during her spring to fall Galveston stay.
We love Derek-he's such fun. We found him totally by accident when Cafe Lattetudes was crowded and we needed a place to sit.

He MADE our last cruise for us.

We booked an Alaska cruise for May of 2010 just because he's going to be on. His mom is sick but we're hoping she gets better so he can cruise with us.

We've only ever seen him in the pub so the schooner bar experience will be a little different
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Originally posted by TEXASMUNK
Derik Lewis on Voyager during her spring to fall Galveston stay.
I agree, but I have seen so many over the years
Captain and Tenille- twice
Al Martino
Bobby Rydell
Red Buttons
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Saw the Osmonds in January 2011 on the Freedom of the Seas - the best!
Also saw the Schintas on Navigator in January, 2012 - they headline in Vegas all the time.......still looking for Elvis...........
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