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Ewing, NJ
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Here's a brand new forum opened up just for you! Feel free to start new threads about any topic that comes to mind! Have fun,

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Ottawa, Canada
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C'mon friends...where are you?? Come out and play.....please....
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You only live once. But, if lived well, once is enough !
Boynton Beach, FL, US
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I'm ready........... Let's get going !!! We're all so happy to have our little family back. A great big thank you to Laura !

Spent the day with my sister today after her second corneal transplant. Let's hope her body doesn't reject this one ! Doctor said all looked well. Sure hope so. Six different eye drops every two hours. Some for the operated eye and some for the glaucoma. She's such a good patient. Not one complaint from her !

Looks like you're going to have to crank up that AC this week, Joyce. The jet stream looks like it goes all the way up to your house ! When our temps are around 80° in the winter, we leave everything wide open too. It's just that darn humidity that gets you ! And anyone happen to see the video of that crazy dust storm in Arizona ? Didn't look like any fun..........

Well, Sharon & John..........your turn to come out and play !
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Well it looks all fresh and clean here. The count in the window looks odd in single numbers.

Melanie we do have AC. If we didn`t we would have melted. 79F sounds like a high setting on the thermostat. But when it`s 100F out it feels might cool. And with the fans going is very comfortable.

I hope your sister has good luck with this transplant. Did not know that corneas would reject. Good thing they aren`t like the lenses. Once they are in that is it. No second chances.

Joyce we hope you don`t have to turn on the AC. Probably is quite high for you to run. I hear your rates are extreme.

Have a fine evening everyone. Bee cool.

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Charlotte, NC, USA
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Now we're all back together again! It's a great day!

Mel, I was so into the fact we're together again, I didn't mention your sister. I certainly do hope the transplant takes this time! Let her know good thoughts and prayers are going out to her! You know John, I too have to say I was surprised that cornea transplants can reject...but when I think of it, transplants can reject and so it makes sense.

Well, it's time to get ready. I just had to see if John was back where he belongs!

Have a great day!
Boynton Beach, FL, US
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Hi guys.....

Thanx for the good wishes for my sister. I just spoke to her after she returned from the doctor. So far, so good. But her first transplant only started to reject a full year after the surgery. Hopefully this one will be perfect ! And you're right, John. I never thought of that. Why can't you replace a lens after cataract surgery ? I think it's just a layer on top of the cornea. Unless there's a chance of damaging the cornea. Hmmmmm.....going to google it !

Sharon.......we're all back where we belong ! So nice to be a family again. I wonder how many other long time threads got their new homes. So far, I don't see too many.........

Tonight is tilapia ! Just love it.......simply sauteed in butter and lots of garlic !!! I've tried it so many ways, and it's delicious any way you prepare it. Nice salad and cheese and spinach raviolis............... YUM

Keep cool ya'll...........
Charlotte, NC, USA
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Hope eveyone has had a good day. It was HOT here today...Don said it rained just a few minutes and the humidy went from humid to beyond the point of miserable!

Glad your sister is doing well! I wonder how often they wait for a year and then fail? That's just not right!

Have a great rest of the week everyone...it's been a long day...sweet dreams!