Reviews/Recommendations of Tour Operators/Guides
Legitimate third-party recommendations/reviews for tour operators/guides/businesses *must* be posted in response to a request for the information. All others will be removed from the boards. Additionally, repeatedly posting the same “review” over and over in response to many threads is considered “spamming” and will be removed from the boards.

Post Shore Excursion Shares In ROLL CALLS
Posts looking for members to "share" your excursion, or posts mentioning that a few more spaces in a van are available and you should contact so and so, are not allowed on the Ports of Call forums. Please use the ROLL CALL thread for your ship’s sailing date to find others willing to share your shore excursion tour costs. You are targeting the specific group of people who would be most inclined to share since they are already sailing with you. Please remember, do not start a new Roll Call thread with your share request. Use your existing Roll Call thread to post your share request.

Advertising is not allowed on Cruise Critic
Tour operators/guides/drivers/businesses in Ports of Call may not promote their business in any way -- that includes posting a link to your website, phone number, location, tour information, hours of operation, pricing, scheduling, etc.

Participation of Tour Operators/Guides/Businesses/Drivers/Local Experts in Ports of call
Tour operators, guides, drivers, businesses and local experts in ports of call are welcome to participate on the forums. However, ALL advice offered must be general in nature only. They may not include any company name or contact information, nor may they use Cruise Critic's forums to conduct customer service - either for themselves or any company. The simple mention of a 'tour' or that someone owns a business by an owner (or their agent or anyone in their employ) will be considered advertising and will be removed. Posts will be removed at the sole discretion of Cruise Critic. Repeated violation will result in suspension of posting privileges.

“One Post Wonders” – will be automatically removed from the boards. This phenomenon essentially amounts to single or multiple posts created by a brand-new member touting tour operators/businesses/guides/drivers in ports of call.

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