Hi everyone. Just back from the eastern Carrib.on the century. We are still swaying with the waves...not lost our sea legs yet.
We had a great time. We got in a day early and stayed at the renessaince(Fort Lauderdale)(priceline good price)and took the water taxi to tour($5) the intercoastal waterway...Absolutely the best way to see all the mansions and 70-million dollar his and her yatchs parked in front).(Even if you won the lottery you couldn't afford these!!!) Then on our sail day even thing went great. Got to the peir about 11am..already people there, but took about 20 min. to be processed and on board with champange in hand. Once onboard we just walked around to check things out, ate in the grill the up to the resort deck to hang out. Another extra special treat was that their was an air show in Fort lauderdale that day and the navys acrobatis planes and Blue Angels flew overhead (and close) for and awesome and loud) sendoff. Everyone was excited and on decks for the sailaway...The muster drill was boring but took only about 1/2 hour always a few people who think they can skip this and everyone has to wait for themto show up as a head count is taken. Ourroom 8222 was aft(back and much larger than expected and a large window loking out at the ships wake was great. Nice details like wood panel walls, icebucket and water pitcher. Plenty of drawer and closet space. Only glich (small0 was that our suitcases did not fit under the bed (too tall) but there was plenty of space in the sofa area for them.
Dinners were good in the dinning room. Some of the portions were small but we occasionally asked for more or two entrees. Alot of variety, (always a fish, pasta, poultry, beef, or pork, veal or lamb on every menu). My only wish was MORE VEGATABLES..I love grilled vegaies and more often then not the veggie portions were extra small and starchy. One night I told my waiter how I loved veggies and thought there wasn't much non-starchy veggies and he made sure after that that I got asparagus, green beans, brocccolit or carrots etc.,. The deserts...HEAVENLY. The creme brulee and those types of deserts were great. The cakes were also good but there was never any heavy torte types..even the chocolate cakes were like sponge cakes layered wtih creams. All were good. Burgers, fries and pizza, sandwhiches and pasta by the pool grill. The buffet for breakfast is average, for lunch it got better as the days went on..(Many thought after day 2 that the food was not good but by day 4 everyone thaought it was good). Only thing I didn't like was that the midnight buffet has been replaced with "gormet bites". I liked that they brought stuff around but I never liked what they brought as i'm not big on pates.( Too full to eat at the midnight buffet they did have anyway so not that big a deal really.. And I didn't gain a pound...YAHOO!!!!)
To those going next week: get your scolapine patches now. Going from ft luad to san juan is rough. Half the ship was seasick , including my husband and had to go to the dr. to get a shot. All he could do is throw up and sleep all day. Many employees said that leg is always rough.
The first port sa juan was great but the time stinks. Everything shuts down by five or six except a few retaurants. And there was a taxi strike..(We did find one willing to take us to the caribe hilton...said after we were halfway there that he'd get beat up by even his friends if they caught him working but he had five kids, a mortgage etc, and had to work. He gave us his cell and he came and got us later. Walked a little around the city but most of that short porttime we stayed on the ship. Too bad really as we really like San Juan and would have liked earlier arrival ttime to really appreciate the city.
St. Thomas, as always is beautiful. It was windy and both my husbands scuba dive and my snorkel had only afew fish. Worst snorkwl and scuba ever for both but that was due to the weather and is unusal for those islands. Magaens bay beautiful...trip there hairraisisng I wish I was there right now infact.
Got to go..ore to come. But I will say t those I met online before the pleasure of meeting all was great!!!DannyB (who enjoyed the fishless snorkel with us) and thenow "mr &mrs"May-Cartern to meet to you, dine with the chief-enginer, shoot craps, and continueally run into you guys it was fun and congradulations..Janineo

Century 5/1/04 DESTINY 4/03