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I'm still struggling with what clothes to take. When you say smart casual for dinner, does that include jeans, or are nice slacks/skirts/pants the better option?
If you are worried about what clothes to take, a good idea is to have a look at everyone's photos posted in a sticky thread at the top of the page, and look at what they are wearing.

It will be cool leaving Sydney for the first day or so, then will warm up and out come the shorts and t-shirts. You won't need your warmer clothes until you get back near Sydney.

We have been to Vanuatu in April, May, June and November and it has been hot and muggy every time.

Don't pack too much. We always tend to wear the same 2 sets of clothes over and over and just wash them out in the shower and hang them up to dry or use the excellent laundries. The other clothes we take stay hanging up in the cabin.
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