Like it or not, the new tipping policy is not going to change. As Opinions rightly pointed out in another thread, crew members belong to a union and a majority of them voted to accept the tipping plan. It was ratified in the current contract. So, people might as well make peace with it. It’s over and done with.

BUT…there IS one thing that passenger feedback might influence – Mariner’s discounts. Most cruiselines discount fares for their loyal customers and for those with many cruise days, the savings can be significant. It would be interesting to see a table comparing past passenger discounts by Celebrity, Princess, HAL, etc.

All cruiselines sell blocks of cabins at BIG discounts to consolidators like ***********, Vantage, Vacations to go, etc.). So one possibility might be for HAL to offer to Mariners (based on their number of days) prices based on what they charge consolidators. Then any loss of “conventional” revenue might be offset by needing to sell fewer cabins to consolidators to fill the ship.

Who knows? If the folks in Seattle got a number of polite, thoughtfully phrased letters suggesting it could be good for business as well as making a significant gesture of appreciation (and encouragement!) to their loyal Mariners … it might work.