Well, I am home from the Glory. We had a really good time. Here is a little review.

Our CD was Stuart Dunn, he was really good. Not as smooth as some other CD's we have had. One thing that bothered me was that he didn't talk kindly of the ports we were going to. For example, he never said anything good about Belize. He kept saying there is nothing in Belize if you don't take an excursion there is nothing to do there. Well, because we were docked so far out we could not see the city from the boat, so my DH and I stayed on the baot until our friends told us they had taken the tender over just to ride it and there was a good deal of shopping to be done. We went over but only had about an hour to shop because of waiting so late to go. I decided then I will go and see every port regardless of what they say about it.

Also, we had been to Cozumel before and didn't really enjoy the port that much. It was dirty and crowded and to take a taxi you had to walk way out to this dirt parking lot and it just wasn't very nice. However, this trip was great!!! They have built a beautiful strip mall at the port and the taxis now pick you up under an awning and bring you right back. It is very organized and clean. The bathrooms at the strip mall even have attendents! We loved our visit to Cozumel. We went to Senior Frogs this time and we had heard about the "Girls with Whistles", but that was so funny to watch, some people got really embarrased as the shot was administered. Also, when we got out of the taxi in downtown we were invited to visit a jewelry store and offered free margaritas or pina coladas. They were pretty good.

In Progresso, we shopped at the port and were going to take a taxi into town but they were so expensive and we weren't going to be there long so we didn't go. But, some of our friends discovered that the shuttle busses from the port to town were free for cruise ship passengers and they went to downtown. By this time on a 7 day cruise you really want to talk to people back home and they found a phone service there in Progresso that was .60 cents a minute to the states. That was a good deal.

We were able to embark really quickly this time, no thanks to the Funpass, they don't even look at them. But getting of the Ship was a whole other story. Customs is really different, we all have to wait in line and go to a counter to show our drivers license, our birth certificate or passport and a declaration sheet. It took two hours for our color tags to be called and we waited in line another 25 to 30 minutes.

If you have any questions about the Glory I will be glad to help. She is a beautiful ship, and she is HUGE!!! We never even saw all of her, we never saw the Fish and chips bar. However, we saw the oriental bar everyday!!!

Thanks to all of you who gave me some good advice before we left and keep cruisin!!!